The Gift of Mortality

Usually I am a pretty upbeat guy that can find humor in nearly every situation. Regardless of how the day goes, there is always an underlying message that revolves somehow around baseball. Unfortunately, that was not the case today. After a long and turbulent flight across country and little sleep, I found myself in the shower trying to wake up. Within seconds of the water hitting me in the face, Tiffany came in screaming that Trina needed me outside immediately. I jumped out, threw on some clothes and rushed outside. There I saw Trina kneeling beside a 72 year old man giving him mouth to mouth recitation and CPR. Around him were two neighbors and a hysterical wife. The man had a heart attack and Trina was desperately trying to revive his lifeless body. During the commotion, his wife went into some type of seizure and fainted hitting her head on a boulder. As Trina worked on the husband, I attended to the wife. It seemed like an eternity before the paramedics arrived. They worked on each of the victims and rushed them both to the hospital. As the ambulances left, Trina and I were left standing there contemplating all that had occurred in the past 45 minutes. As I awoke this morning, I had planned on unpacking, working on the web site, and then going to the Diamondbacks game. It left me to contemplate whether any of this really mattered. Well, anything besides going to the Diamondbacks game that is.

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