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The Trade Deadline

The baseball trade deadline is about the closest thing that a baseball fan has to Christmas. It is by this day that his or her team will try to make themselves better for a playoff run. I find myself up early this morning and monitoring all of the news services to see what has happened. I am hopeful that the Diamondbacks make a deal for a right fielder who can hit for power. This would eliminate any doubts that I have about whether they can...

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Olympic Trials

With the Diamondbacks completing this current road trip in Florida and having an early game, I find myself with a rare free evening at home. What better way to spend a Sunday evening than watching ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. So armed with a bowl of popcorn and a frosty mug of A&W Root Beer, I headed for the family room. As I turned the corner to head for my trusty recliner and the television remote control, I was met by five women in the...

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Christmas in July

Each year at Christmas, our house is filled with decorations. It is the one holiday that we go all out for. There is the 10 foot Christmas Tree, 3,000 lights in the yard and on the house, what seems like hundreds of gifts for family and friends, and of course an LGB train. The train is really the focal point as far as the kids are concerned. I originally bought the train when Trina and I first got married. It is nearly 20 years old but it is in...

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What’s Your Fantasy?

I am beginning to wonder if I am leading a normal and well rounded life. The Diamondbacks are in the midst of a nine game road trip which means that I am at home for a week while the team is traveling. As such, I am able to spend a lot more time with Trina than I usually do. It is not really my fault that we don’t spend more time together. On the contrary, it is Trina that has chosen not to be with me rather than the other way around. She...

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I Can’t Feel My Face

Less than three days after Dakota attempted to fly off the furniture and had to have his head glued shut, he was once again on the war path and causing grief. Today, he decided to go on adventure and see what types of mischief he could cause while staying in the house. With temperatures hovering around 112 degrees, the kids don’t play much outside unless they are in the pool. Trina is running around getting ready for her meeting tonight...

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Trade Me to a Contender

It has become an all to familiar chord among professional athletes in today’s society. The whine and cry about wanting long term stability and guaranteed contracts to safeguard against injury. They threaten to leave to another team if their demands are not met. Franchises succumb to these threats and provide the players with enormous contracts that rival some third world country’s Gross National Product. The player then gets into...

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What Have You Done to My Unit?

It is interesting how we as human beings adapt based upon our experiences and surroundings. Take for example Randy Johnson. As a baseball fan, I understand that he is one of the premier pitchers in the game today. I am also well aware that this season he has been completely dominating. Each outing he pitches well into the game striking out batters in the double digits, throwing fast balls that approach 100 miles per hour and throwing...

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Cooperstown is Calling

It was an off day for the Arizona Diamondbacks, at least that is what the schedule said. Instead of traveling from Cincinnati to St. Louis and relaxing on their day off, the Diamondbacks are flying to Cooperstown to play an exhibition game with the Cleveland Indians as part of the Hall of Fame weekend festivities. On the night before the game, the Diamondbacks and Indians were allowed to tour the Baseball Hall of Fame on a private tour after...

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Bashing Heads with Bubba

After raising 4 girls, it is hard to believe how different it is to raise a little boy. Everyone always said how much different the two sexes were in child rearing but I did not believe them. At every corner though, we are met with obstacles that I had not encountered with the girls. For example, both Dakota and the girls each play with dolls (much to the horror of their father I might add) but the type of play is entirely different. The girls...

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