It is always interesting to see the fans that attend a given homestand. For the most part, I will give those in attendance good marks for maintaining a loyal following of the home time. There are however a few exceptions to this rule. Whenever St. Louis, Chicago or Cincinnati come to town, there is an inordinate amount of visiting team jerseys in the stands. I admire those diehard fans who travel here to see a game when their team comes to Bank One Ballpark. In fact, I have gotten into some very interesting conversations with these fans on how their team is doing, what the match-ups are like between their team and the Diamondbacks, or about baseball in general. What I find quite frustrating though is the fair weather fan who knows little or nothing about baseball but insists on following a given player rather than a team. This homestand is a prime example of this behavior. Last season, you could count the Reds fans on one hand during a series in Arizona. Now, there are literally hundreds of people sporting brand new Reds jerseys with the number 30 on the back. The are loud and boisterous whenever Ken Griffey Junior is up to bat but are completely quiet whenever anyone else makes a play for Cincinnati. When attempting to carry on an intelligent conversation with these people, it is apparent they have little or no idea about the Reds outside of they are impressed that Griffey would take less than market value in order to play for the Reds. They are also thrilled that a father and son have been reunited in the dugout. It is strange listening to these people as I try to understand how they could possibly believe they are baseball fans. It could be worse though, this could be a five game series rather than four.

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