The effects of the Lucky Hat have been well documented in past entries of my diary. To recap, Tiffany received a bright orange hat last season while we were visiting with Todd Stottlemyre. He autographed the hat and every time Tiffany wore the hat, the Diamondbacks won the game. Early this season, Dog Dot Com chewed up the hat and then lost all of her teeth. This was the same time that the Diamondbacks began playing .500 baseball. We have frantically been searching for another orange hat in hopes of replacing what was lost. Finally this week, I came across an orange Diamondbacks hat. It is not the same as the one that was chewed, but we were hopeful it could replace the lucky hat with the same result. Tiffany had already talked with Todd Stottlemyre and explained the situation. If this hat worked, we would have him autograph it and do our part to help the team. As a test, I wore the orange hat today to the game. We were playing the St. Louis Cardinals and had just finished losing two of three to the Seattle Mariners. With Armando Reynoso pitching against Garret Stephenson, we would need some luck. As much as I attempt to disbelieve the thought of a lucky hat, I have to admit that the coincidence overwhelming. I sat there in my seat feeling somewhat silly wearing a bright orange hat to the Diamondbacks game. As the team went about its business on the field, they began playing better than I had seen them play this entire home stand. With the score 4-3 and Reynoso giving way to our less than stellar bullpen, I have to admit I was worried. Tiffany on the other hand had complete confidence that the team would prevail. Matt Mantei came out to pitch the ninth and looked better than he had all season. Mantei earned a save and Reynoso earned a win. The orange hat? It has earned the distinction of Lucky Hat II.

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