Usually I am looking forward to Saturday since it is one of the few days that I am able to turn off the alarm clock and sleep in. Today though, the Arizona Diamondbacks are playing in Cincinnati and will be on Fox Television at 10:00. I am not sure why, but my alarm clock can be set and I know I have to get up during the week to go to work and yet I struggle every morning to get out of bed. Today though, the alarm clock is turned off and I am wide awake at 7:00 AM waiting for the pre-game show to start. It is amazing how slowly time actually travels when you lay in bed watching the flashing numbers of a digital clock. I would lay there for a minute (or at least I thought it was a minute), roll over and check the clock, 7:01 AM, roll back over, wait, and begin the process all over again. All that I was able to accomplish was to roll all of the blankets around me wrapping me up like a cinnamon roll. This in turn woke Trina up laying there with no covers. She would then yank the blankets twirling me like a top onto the floor. I would then get up, and begin the process all over again. This game lasted for about 7 minutes before Trina just reached over and hit me with the clock thereby ending the game. I guess I will pass the remainder of the time watching Saturday morning television. I wonder if there are any baseball cartoons?

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