It was an off day for the Arizona Diamondbacks, at least that is what the schedule said. Instead of traveling from Cincinnati to St. Louis and relaxing on their day off, the Diamondbacks are flying to Cooperstown to play an exhibition game with the Cleveland Indians as part of the Hall of Fame weekend festivities. On the night before the game, the Diamondbacks and Indians were allowed to tour the Baseball Hall of Fame on a private tour after the museum had closed. For many of the young players, this marked the first time they had been to the Hall of Fame. For others, it was a chance to see where they would be enshrined one day. It was an emotional time for many of the players and coaches as they soaked in the holy shrine of baseball. After a long deserved night of rest, both teams had a full day ahead of them. It began with a home run contest that saw Alex Cabrera launch 7 home runs at the houses around the field. It tied the record for the most home runs hit during the home run contest. The Diamondbacks then played the Indians. Both teams brought up several minor league players to showcase them in the game. Nick Bierbrodt, the Diamondbacks first ever draft pick was on hand to pitch for the Diamondbacks. It was an exciting day for players and fans alike and gave them all an insight into what it means to be in the Hall of Fame.

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