A Day Without Baseball Is Like a Day Without…

I typically refer to today as Black Wednesday. It is the longest day of the year, as near as I can tell. The All-Star game is over and the second half of the season does not start until tomorrow. This means that there is no Major League baseball anywhere in the country. I am left to try and fill my day while eagerly awaiting the start of the season tomorrow. At first I tried to watch a movie to kill some time. I went through Bull Durham, Major League, Rookie of the Year, Sandlot, and Field of Dreams. Although they did kill a lot of time (and a lot of potato chips), I still was not satisified. I then tried to find a game on ESPN Classic. Even a re-run of an old game was at least baseball. Unfortunately, there were no games on tonight. I was left watching two guys with massive chain-saws speed cutting some piece of wood while 200 screaming fans in plaid flannal shirts cheered from the side. I did catch the last inning of the Double-A all-star game. At this point, even minor league baseball would fill a hole in my life. Trina of course had plans for me for this last off-day before the second half began. Try as I might, I could not ignore her demands. I reluctantly turned off the television and made my way to the bathroom to fix the leaky faucet. I really hate plumbing. I’ll bet Matt Williams doesn’t have to fix his faucet on his day off.

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