And I’ll Be Your Tour Guide

With tonight’s game, I have now attended 217 consecutive games at Bank One Ballpark dating back to 1998. That equates to 5 Spring Training games (Chicago White Sox (2), Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox (2)), 2 Divisional Play-off games (New York Mets), and 210 regular season games. Over the course of this time, I have learned a little about this stadium. I have also become good friends with many of the people who work at the ballpark. I am on first name basis with several of the ushers, guest services, ticket takers, and concessionaires. The people who work at Bank One Ballpark are some of the best people I have ever been acquainted with. Even with all of these knowledgeable people around and quite visible, I am still mistaken for one of the ballpark personnel. I find myself being asked questions about the various aspects of the stadium at least once per series. Whether it be from someone visiting and sitting next to me during the game or someone walking around the park with a few questions, I am quizzed about some aspect of Bank One Ballpark. I am always eager to share the few tidbits I have found during my exploration of the stadium. Even after 217 visits, I still find something new each time I come to the game. Since I have such a hard time dealing with the off-season and being away from the ballpark, I have even considered applying for a job at Bank One Ballpark during the winter as a tour guide. It would allow me to spend more time at the park and give me access to most of the public areas to check out where I would like to sit for the upcoming season. I’m sure Trina wouldn’t mind if I spend a little extra time at Bank One Ballpark.

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