First Half, First Place

Here I sit, reflecting on the first half of the season. It is hard to believe that the All-Star break is now upon us. It seems like yesterday that I was on my way down to Bank One Ballpark to watch opening day. Now, the World Series is closer than Opening Day. As the day ended, the Arizona Diamondbacks are in first place 3.5 games ahead of the San Francisco Giants, 4.5 games ahead of the Colorado Rockies, 6 games in front of the Los Angeles Dodgers and 12.5 games ahead of the San Diego Padres. Given the fact that Matt Williams has played in only 25 games this season and has only 93 at bats and Erubiel Durazo has missed 41 games, it is amazing that the Diamondbacks are anywhere near first place. It is a testament to the character of this club to battle adversity and continue their quest to repeat as National League West champions. To be quite honest, I did not anticipate they would be in first at this junction of the season. I would have been happy if they were in third place 5 games back. I am still uneasy about the Diamondbacks chances and feel they need to make a deal for some starting pitching to overcome the loss of Todd Stottlemyre until September. Granted, Geraldo Guzman’s first Major League start was encouraging, I am uncertain whether the Diamondbacks can afford to rely on the rookie’s arm going into a play-off run. Congratulations Diamondbacks, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you will be able to overcome these injuries in the second half of the season.

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