Harry Potter, Make My Bullpen Better

From the first week in April until the end of October, I typically have no life outside of baseball, at least that is what everyone keeps telling me. I explain to everyone that I keep tabs on world events and what is happening in the community through the news updates that appear on the JumboTron at the game. This usually works out quite well. For example, during the last home stand, I learned that the latest version of the Harry Potter books would be released today. In fact, there are several bookstores that will be holding a book release party at 12:03 AM. Personally, I cannot imagine standing in line at 12:03 AM for anything other than play-off tickets or maybe the all-star game. Mallorie though is a big Harry Potter fan and wanted the book. Like most normal and sane parents, I waited until later in the day before I went out looking for the book. Of course, like all the other normal and sane parents, I found out that the book was sold out everywhere. I did get a really cool rain check though so it wasn’t to bad. I have never read any of the Potter books so I didn’t even know what the story line was about. Mallorie tried to enlighten me. I now understand that Harry is some kind of wizard and has magical powers. Based on the Diamondbacks bullpen blowing their second save in two days, perhaps I can get Harry to put some kind of spell on the opposition hitters so that we can actually get some of these guys out. I’m thinking the first step would be to have a Harry Potter day at BOB. We could ask kids 15 and younger to dress as their favorite character and then we could hold on-field magic shows. Finally, right before game time, we could have someone throw out the first hex. This has a lot of potential.

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