Hey Now You’re an All-Star

If there were ever a temptation to become a gambler and bet on baseball, today would be the day. Well, either a gambler or a convenience store patron, I am not sure which. It is 7-11 and the All-Star game is tonight. Usually, I look forward to watching the game and seeing the stars of baseball play in a contest that is more of an event than a game. This year though, I am less than thrilled with the All-Star game. First off, I was very disappointed that Bobby Cox of the Atlanta Braves dissed the Arizona Diamondbacks by selecting only one player to the National League team. Granted, I believed that Randy Johnson is deserving of this honor but I also felt that Steve Finley and Byung-Hyun Kim should also represent the Diamondbacks at the mid-summer classic. Kim has been lights out the way he has pitched this year and to ignore his accomplishments was a travesty. With all of the injuries that the Diamondbacks have had, Fins has carried this team on his shoulders and should be recognized for his valuable contribution. I am a little less ticked off now that Finley has been added to the roster after Ken Griffey Junior bailed. I am disappointed at the number of stars that have backed out of the game. Given that attendance has been down this year across most of baseball, I would have thought that wild horses couldn’t keep the players away but I was wrong. Granted, some of the players genuinely are injured and cannot participate but some are VERY questionable. I wonder how hurt Griffey is that he can participate in the Home Run Derby but he is to hurt to play the outfield for one inning or at least pinch hit late in the game? Looks pretty strange to me. On the other hand, you have to admire someone like Randy Johnson who will start the game after pitching 120 pitches on Sunday. This guy recognizes that this game is for the fans and is going out to perform his best for the crowds in Atlanta. Good luck Randy and Steve. We’re pulling for you here in Phoenix.

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