Houston We Have a Problem

For the past three games, the Arizona Diamondbacks have been playing at Enron Field in Houston Texas. Based on the number of runs scored there this year, the field is now being called Ten Run Field. I have been looking forward to this series. For one, the Astros stink this year and the Diamondbacks could use this series to tune up their bats before a tough interleague series in Oakland this weekend. Secondly, I was interested in seeing this field up close to see how it compared to some of the other fields the Diamondbacks have played on. I was encouraged to see that two of the three games of the series were scheduled to be shown on ESPN. I settled down on my Bank One Ballpark chair with my Diamondbacks jersey on and tuned the television to ESPN. As the game started, my screen went black and a message announced that this game had been blacked out in my area. What?!? How could they do this? I called my satellite provider and was told that because the game was being shown locally on FoxAZ, it could not be shown on ESPN. I tried to explain to them that I could not receive FoxAZ at which time they attempted to sell me a new satellite dish. Disgusted, I hung up and went to the radio to listen to the game. The next night, I again readied myself hoping beyond hope that I could see this game. Surely they would not black out the game of the week? Well, I was wrong. Just as the first pitch was to be thrown, the screen went black and I was forced to listen on the radio. I called the Arizona Diamondbacks to let them know my feelings about having an entire series unavailable on regular television. They listened quietly and then offered the consolations. If it made me feel any better, all the games in Oakland would be shown on channel 3. Great, like I want to watch an American League game. Somebody has their priorities way out of whack here. Looks like I am going to have to straighten out my behavior around the house and try to help out more if I am going to get on Santa’s good boy list and get a new dish for Christmas. “Oh Trina, can I help you with dinner tonight?”

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