Star Spangled Baseball

Is there anything more patriotic than baseball on the fourth of July? Nothing quite defines a country quite like its national pastime. Looking back over the course of the history of this country, it seems baseball in intertwined with the history and progression of the United States. Even the game itself shows the American ingenuity of taking an existing product and modifying it to become bigger and better than before. Many accounts talk about the history of baseball and its genealogy. Born as the game of rounders, baseball was changed and adapted to meet the needs of the country. Of course we would all love to believe in the romantic tale of Abner Doubleday and how he brought players together in rural New York to play this game of baseball. It seems to fit that men would gather after a day of working the land to hit a few balls around the diamond while families and fans would stand at the sidelines to cheer on their local heroes. Much of that excitement and interest in the game of baseball is still around today. On a day where we celebrate our independence from big government and foreign oppression, many of us will spend it with our families as we watch the grand old game passing memories of the ballpark on to our spouses and children creating a timeless bond with baseball. Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs was right, it is a great day for baseball and we should play two.

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