The Trade Deadline

The baseball trade deadline is about the closest thing that a baseball fan has to Christmas. It is by this day that his or her team will try to make themselves better for a playoff run. I find myself up early this morning and monitoring all of the news services to see what has happened. I am hopeful that the Diamondbacks make a deal for a right fielder who can hit for power. This would eliminate any doubts that I have about whether they can hold off the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The deadline ends at 1:00 PM Arizona time and I find myself finding things to do at work in order to pass the time. I am as nervous as an expectant father. All morning, I have people coming into my office to see how I am doing and to see if I have heard about any trades that have taken place. CNNSI just reported that the Cubs have gotten Rondell White. That is followed by the Marlins picking up Henry Rodriguez. Well, there is still hope. I would like to see Jeromy Burnitz come to the Diamondbacks and I have heard a couple of rumors but nothing specific. The Cardinals picked up Will Clark. I guess the injury to Mark McGwire is more serious than they are letting on. Al Martin is sent to Seattle. I wonder which of his two wives will follow him up to Washington. The Dodgers send Todd Hollandsworth to Colorado for Tom Goodwin. Interesting trade that I cannot understand. By 1:00 PM, the trading frenzy is done and the Diamondbacks have not made a single move. For a team that has struggled all year to score runs, I cannot quite figure that out. I guess that is why I write software for a living while Joe Gargiola Jr. is the general manager for the Diamondbacks. I have to admit, I am still concerned about the Diamondbacks chances to repeat as NL West champions.

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