What Have You Done to My Unit?

It is interesting how we as human beings adapt based upon our experiences and surroundings. Take for example Randy Johnson. As a baseball fan, I understand that he is one of the premier pitchers in the game today. I am also well aware that this season he has been completely dominating. Each outing he pitches well into the game striking out batters in the double digits, throwing fast balls that approach 100 miles per hour and throwing knee-buckling sliders that make hitters cringe when they see it coming. What we are witnessing comes along maybe once a lifetime. In an era where pitchers are roughed up every night and the league average for Earned Run Average is around 4.5, it is amazing what Randy is doing. Good pitching has become an anomaly, as rare cheap gasoline. So why is it that after a half a season of dominance that we as fans have come to expect that Randy will continue this season? How can we justify the comments of disappointment and disgust when Randy gives up a run or walks a batter. I watched the game tonight at the pizza parlor since it was on Fox AZ Sports and I do not get that channel. I watched as Randy struggled with his control walking seven batters and striking out seven. I watched as he gave up a two-run home run and left the game with runners in scoring position with the game tied. As I watched, I heard others around me begin to complain that Randy just didn’t have it and that perhaps we were watching the slow death spiral of a career. I could not believe it. This is a guy that has lost 3 games all season and these people were writing him off as a fluke. I could barely force down my pepperoni pizza after hearing this. It is interesting how success breeds contempt in today’s society.

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