What’s Your Fantasy?

I am beginning to wonder if I am leading a normal and well rounded life. The Diamondbacks are in the midst of a nine game road trip which means that I am at home for a week while the team is traveling. As such, I am able to spend a lot more time with Trina than I usually do. It is not really my fault that we don’t spend more time together. On the contrary, it is Trina that has chosen not to be with me rather than the other way around. She is more than welcome to go to the game with me whenever she would like. She simply chooses to stay at home rather than go to the ball park. Although I don’t understand her priorities and I question her committment to this marriage at times, so far it has worked out. At least I thought it had until tonight. I sit here at the computer after Trina became agitated and began yelling at me and I am not really sure why. I guess it is one of those mysteries that all men go through when women use that classic line, “well if you don’t know what you have done, I am not going to tell you!” Replaying the evening, all I know is this. Trina had somehow found somewhere for the kids to disappear for a few hours giving us a quiet evening together. She had made a nice dinner for the two of us. It was at this point that there appeared to be some tension. I made one small suggestion that this was a perfect evening. Curt Schilling is making his Diamondbacks debut and we had the entire house to ourselves and would she like to watch the game during dinner. I thought I was being a perfect gentleman in giving her the choice of watching the game or listening to it on the radio. After dinner, Trina disappeared upstairs and after a couple of innings, she called down for me to come up to the bedroom. At the next half inning, I went up to see what she needed. The room was relatively dark and there was a hint of background music. I could see her silloette on the bed. She motioned me over to the bed and whispered in my ear, “So what’s your fantasy?” My mind raced with various thoughts before I came up with the perfect answer.

I would love to have a right fielder who had a cannon for an arm that could hit 30 or 40 home runs and drive in 100 runs a year. If it wasn’t to much to ask, it would also be nice if he could steal 20 bases a year. If we had a player like that, we would be a lock to make the playoffs and maybe even the World Series. As I said, the room was relatively dark so I couldn’t tell if this was her fantasy too but based on her reaction, I would guess not. She shoved me out the door and slammed it behind me. Confused, I went back down stairs to see what the score was. I can’t belive it, I missed an inning and a half. Sometimes I just don’t get what women are thinking.

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