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Deity Scoreboard Watching

Trina feels it is her duty to remind me on a regular basis how many times I miss church during the baseball season. She is as relentless as the official scorer of a baseball game tallying up the Sunday’s where I am at the ballpark rather than in the church listening to a lesson that she is sure has been especially given just for my benefit. On days when the Diamondbacks are out of town on a road trip, I would like nothing better than to...

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Back to the Future

After a night of watching Randy Johnson get shelled in his worst outing as a Diamondback, I wasn’t sure I was up to watching any baseball today, especially a game featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs. I am always somewhat confused about how the Fox network determines who they will feature in their game of the week. I mean outside of LA and Chicago, this game has very little meaning. Yeah, the Dodgers have been hot lately...

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Draft Day Frustrations

I am a baseball fan and I pride myself on following the game almost religiously. Okay, maybe almost was an understatement. In the spring I attempt to go to as many Cactus League games as I can manage to sneak out of work to see. During the season, I attend every home Diamondbacks games and either listen or watch every away game that is played. I have not missed watching the baseball playoffs or World Series since I was the age of 10. In the...

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Going Through Withdrawals

After a disappointing and frustrating three game series that saw the Diamondbacks get swept by the Milwaukee Brewers, the best thing that could happen would be to play another game. It doesn’t really matter who the game is against, they just need to play against someone. Unfortunately, today is an off day that has the Diamondbacks traveling to New York to face the Mets. This means there is no game either home or away for me to get...

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Dissing the Brew Crew

It was the final game of a three-game series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Milwaukee Brewers. It was also the final game of the home stand as the Diamondbacks would be leaving after tonight on a six game road trip. It was also Wednesday, a day where the family is going about six different directions. Trina and the older kids have an outing planned tonight and I am going to the game. Tiffany usually has gymnastics but she hasn’t...

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This Crowd is Ugly!

After a night where the Milwaukee Brewers had taken the Diamondbacks to task, I began to notice a change in the crowd. Where there were usually fans wearing purple and teal, there were now empty seats. Granted, the Brewers are not one of the better drawing teams on the schedule. In fact, the Diamondbacks had resorted to a 2 for 1 night in hopes of bringing more people to the ballpark. This worked partially, there were a few more bodies in the...

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Back to School

After what seemed like an eternity, today finally came. It is a time of celebration at our house. After three long months, it is the first day of school! There is no one more excited than Trina. She has been looking forward to this day since May 26 which coincidentally was the first day of summer vacation. Whitney shares in Trina’s excitement. She can hardly wait to get back to school. Of course first grade is a major milestone in her...

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The Sky is Falling!

I have to give the Diamondbacks credit. They do make it an experience to go to the game. Sometimes, I wonder whether the actual game is merely a sideshow for all that is going on in the ballpark. Regardless, there is always something for everyone when they attend a game at BOB. I try to attend batting practice before every game. First off, I usually can determine early on who is swinging a bat with confidence and who is struggling. The kids...

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It’s That Time of Year Again

Usually the Arizona Diamondbacks games are in the afternoon on Saturday. This means that I am up relatively early and leave for the game by 10:30 AM. Today’s game though was an evening game so I had the whole day to do whatever I pleased before leaving to go to the ballpark at 4:30 PM. I think Trina believed that I would be around to help her with the housework. I am not sure where she got that impression, I’m confident that I...

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