As long as we were going to make a road trip, we decided that we may as well make good use of our time. Ashley, my oldest daughter, will be a senior this year. She has plans to go to college after graduation and at this juncture does not know where she wants to attend. She and I decide that a few campus visits are in order to help her make up her mind. She thinks that she would like to go to Brigham Young University in Provo Utah but she is not sure. Since we came through Provo at 11:00 PM, we did not have a chance to look over the campus. We will attempt a visit on the way home next week. Her second choice was Ricks College, a private junior college in Rexburg Idaho where Trina played college basketball on scholarship. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your perspective, Ricks College was recently reclassified. It would no longer be a junior college effective this fall semester. Instead, it would become BYU Idaho, a four year institution. This intrigued Ashley until we learned that BYU Idaho would have no sports other than intermurals. Ashley has been ranked in the state of Arizona in the triple jump since she was a Freshman and had hoped to receive a track scholarship. This puts BYU Idaho at a disadvantage. Nonetheless, we made a trip to the campus to look around. It has changed since Trina and I went there in 1981. The campus was much larger than I had remembered although it was still quite small. Trina had gone there for two years while I was there for one. We each graduated with an Associates degree and the campus brought back a lot of memories. Ashley is more excited about college now. I am still not sure I am ready to send her off yet.

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