I have to give the Diamondbacks credit. They do make it an experience to go to the game. Sometimes, I wonder whether the actual game is merely a sideshow for all that is going on in the ballpark. Regardless, there is always something for everyone when they attend a game at BOB. I try to attend batting practice before every game. First off, I usually can determine early on who is swinging a bat with confidence and who is struggling. The kids like going that early since they are usually able to get a few players to sign autographs. We can usually score a foul ball or a hit during batting practice which gives the kids a ball to have autographed. Being to the game that early also allows us to get whatever giveaway they are handing out that day. This has allowed us to accumulate a lot of Diamondbacks stuff. After batting practice is over, we will usually watch the Diamondbacks take infield practice and then walk around for a few minutes. Just before going back to our seats, I will get the kids something to eat and then go back to our seats where I will get out my scorebook and begin to enter today’s line-up. It is during this period that the Diamondbacks will bring out a small blimp from the visitor’s bullpen. This blimp floats around the stadium controlled by a pilot with a radio control. The blimp will float over the field and over the fans in the stands. At times, there are items suspended off the bottom of the blimp that are dropped into the stands to the waiting children. I generally do not pay to much attention to this blimp as I am busy recording line ups and pitching match ups. Today, Dakota was busy wolfing down a hot dog when he stood in his chair and waved his arms in the air. I absently suggested to Dakota that he be careful so he didn’t fall and went back to the scorebook. Dakota continued to yell and wave. I looked up to see what was going on when WHAM! something hit me on the head and fell into the scorebook. I was immediately attacked by a pack of wild children all rushing for my scorebook. I ducked for cover grabbing Dakota and the book. After a few seconds of chaos, we were left alone and I returned to my seat. Looking down at my scorebook, I noticed a CD-ROM of the Diamondbacks highlights from 1999. It must have dropped from the blimp and hit me on the way down. I now know how Chicken Little must have felt. I wondered if I should go and find Jerry Colangelo to tell him that the sky was following.

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