A Girl and Her Gameboy

Wednesday is always Whitney’s day to go to the game. Well, actually I have my choice of taking Whitney or Dakota. Since the Code Man is still a wild man, I always choose to take him only once a week. I think the fans that sit around me are also grateful for that decision. There are times, like tonight, that Whitney really doesn’t want to go. Don’t get me wrong, she loves baseball, just not enough to go down and hang out for five or six hours a night. We always have a great time at the ballpark and she is always glad she went. Her theory on going to a baseball game is that baseball is a good thing, especially when taken in moderation. What typically happens when we go is that I end up bribing her with some trinket at the team shop. I then have to endure the wrath of Trina when I get home and she has to dig receipts out of my seat cushion to see what kind of damage I have done to our checkbook. Tonight though, I did think ahead. As I was heading out the door for the game, I grabbed my color GameBoy (I want it noted that the Color GameBoy is mine regardless of whether the children have claimed squatters rights to this device). When we got down to the ballpark, I let Whitney see what I had brought and told her that she could play it for the entire game if she wanted. She was extremely excited and could hardly wait for the game to start so that she could begin playing. This exercise lasted the entire nine innings as she sat quietly and worked her little fingers to the bone as she navigated level after level. Many of you may be asking yourselves, what game would keep a six year old child entertained for so long? Well it is Ken Griffey Baseball of course. Is there any other game out there?

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