Back to School

After what seemed like an eternity, today finally came. It is a time of celebration at our house. After three long months, it is the first day of school! There is no one more excited than Trina. She has been looking forward to this day since May 26 which coincidentally was the first day of summer vacation. Whitney shares in Trina’s excitement. She can hardly wait to get back to school. Of course first grade is a major milestone in her life. She finally gets to go to a full day of school and she gets recess every day. There is not much better than that. Tiffany is also excited to go back. She is now in fifth grade and is now part of the senior class of elementary school. She is looking forward to being big girl on campus and telling the smaller children what needs to be done. This year marks the first year we have not had a child in middle school since the year we moved to Arizona. It is just as well as that means there is one less back to school night that I will have to attend. To make up for not having a child in middle school, I have two in high school. Ashley is now a Senior and takes every opportunity to tell us that. She is starting to become quite an independent sort of girl and this year should be quite a challenge as her parent. Mallorie is a Freshman and as such she is torn. On one hand she thinks she is pretty cool now that she is in high school and quickly approaching driving age (only 15 more months she keeps reminding me). On the other hand, she is constantly put in her place that she is still just a child. Ashley reminds her how lowly Freshman are on a daily basis. The one child that is left out of all this excitement is Dakota. Being three, he is still to young to go to school which is a blessing to the teachers I have decided. He was frustrated when everyone got up this morning, dressed in their new clothes and marched out the door to catch the bus. So that he did not feel to left out, Trina made him a lunch and placed it in his Diamondbacks lunchbox that he got at the game a couple of weeks ago. He was feeling pretty good about that. He carried the sandwich and several Hot Wheels cars around most of the day until Dog Dot Com ate the sandwich causing mass hysteria until Trina replaced it. I can see already, it is going to be a long year.

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