Deity Scoreboard Watching

Trina feels it is her duty to remind me on a regular basis how many times I miss church during the baseball season. She is as relentless as the official scorer of a baseball game tallying up the Sunday’s where I am at the ballpark rather than in the church listening to a lesson that she is sure has been especially given just for my benefit. On days when the Diamondbacks are out of town on a road trip, I would like nothing better than to sit down and watch the game. I find it nearly impossible to do that though with Trina standing in front of the television lecturing me on my supposed lack proper priorities. There are times when I am feeling particularly brave that I suggest that perhaps it is HER than has a warped sense of priority. This usually leads to a long and painful discussion which in the end leaves me in the dog house and Trina steaming around the ears. So reluctantly, I got up this morning knowing the Diamondbacks had a morning game in New York and got ready to go to church. Just before it was time to leave, I made an excuse that I had forgotten to brush my teeth and suggested that they go ahead and I would walk over as soon as I was done. Trina gave me that serious look that I immediately took as a warning if I came into church late. As they went out the front door, I rushed upstairs and put toothpaste on the brush all while turning on the television. It was the bottom of the second inning and there was no score. I watched another inning while watching the clock to make sure I wasn’t late. Fortunately for me, the third inning ended at the same time that I needed to leave. I rushed to the church and made it through the door just as the prelude music ended. I sat there trying hard to look interested in what was being said while my mind wandered to the game as I wondered who was winning. Carefully, I reached into my pocket and quietly sent a page to Yahoo! asking for a baseball score update. A minute later, I slid the pager out of my pocket and quickly glanced at the screen. The Mets were up 1-0. I again attempted to listen and pay attention to the lesson but soon found myself checking my pager again. “Yes!” I said as the Diamondbacks scored to tie the game at 1-1. I looked up to find those sitting around me turning to stare and Trina was looking at me strangely. She had not seen my pager as I had it hidden between me and Mallorie. I quickly whispered to all those around me that I thought the speaker had made an especially inspired point. They seemed to buy that and the meeting continued. As soon as the closing prayer was given, I made an excuse that I thought I had left the door unlocked and rushed back to see the final two innings. Unfortunately, the Mets scored again and won 2-1. This church stuff isn’t as bad as I remembered it.

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