Dissing the Brew Crew

It was the final game of a three-game series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Milwaukee Brewers. It was also the final game of the home stand as the Diamondbacks would be leaving after tonight on a six game road trip. It was also Wednesday, a day where the family is going about six different directions. Trina and the older kids have an outing planned tonight and I am going to the game. Tiffany usually has gymnastics but she hasn’t gone to a game for a while and decided she would rather go to Bank One Ballpark than practice. So she and I went to BOB in hopes of seeing the team right itself and salvage a win for this series. As always, we arrived at the ballpark early enough to watch batting practice. While the Diamondbacks were up, a ball was hit deep to the outfield where one of the ball boys caught it just below where we were standing. As Tiffany stood there, the ball boy threw the ball to her as the players made their way to the dugout signifying batting practice was over. We stood there for a few minutes and then decided to go over to the first base side. Tiffany decided that she would like to have Jeromy Burnitz’s autograph. I questioned her why she wanted a Brewer’s autograph. Her answer was simple and to the point. She sees Jeromy Burnitz on the JumboTron every night that she comes to the game. He is shown throwing his bat into the crowd while the announcer explains that the fans should be careful and watch for bats and balls flying into the stands. She did have a point so we made our way over. Tiffany stood back as Jeromy went through outfield practice. When he was finished, she began to call his name in hopes that he would come over and sign her ball. He called and called but he was ignoring her pleas. Soon, Brewers pitcher Juan Acevado came over to where she was standing and asked if Tiffany would like HIS autograph. She looked him straight in the eye and very politely said, “No, that’s ok.” Acevado looked stunned as he stood there with his hands out assuming she would hand him the ball and pen. After a few awkward moments, he turned and left somewhat dejected. Before long, she caught Jeromy’s attention and he came over to give her his autograph. While he was signing, she was busy asking him why he couldn’t hold onto his bat. He really had no explanation and wanted nothing more than to sign her ball and get away so he would not have to answer her questions. All in all, it was a pretty good time at the ballpark even if we did lose the game.

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