Draft Day Frustrations

I am a baseball fan and I pride myself on following the game almost religiously. Okay, maybe almost was an understatement. In the spring I attempt to go to as many Cactus League games as I can manage to sneak out of work to see. During the season, I attend every home Diamondbacks games and either listen or watch every away game that is played. I have not missed watching the baseball playoffs or World Series since I was the age of 10. In the fall, I attend the Arizona Fall League games to watch the budding stars. During the winter, I comb the Internet to find news on the winter leagues to see how players are doing. I have begun to even think of Peter Gammons as a father figure that I should send a card to on Father’s Day. But the fall and winter are the most difficult times due to the fact that little baseball is being played. For that reason, I am forced to watch football. That barbaric game where men attempt to maim each other while suffering steroid-induced madness. To pass the time, several of us form a fantasy football league (as if I would ever have a fantasy of owning a team made up of 55 missing links). Well, needless to say, I am less than enthusiastic about fielding a team. I typically will draft a team and then not look at it again until late December to see how I did. Today marks the start of the Fantasy Football season with the annual draft. To make matters worse, I am picking first. What a waste. Like I even know who should be the number one draft pick. I am sure when I utter my selection everyone will look dumbfounded at why I would take him as the first pick. While I prepare for weeks for the Fantasy Baseball draft, I likely will not look at player statistics until 5 minutes before my turn. To top it off, the draft is being conducted during the Diamondbacks game in New York. Maybe I’ll set up an automated job to make selections for me and I can sneak down and watch the game while everyone is busy working on their picks.

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