Going Through Withdrawals

After a disappointing and frustrating three game series that saw the Diamondbacks get swept by the Milwaukee Brewers, the best thing that could happen would be to play another game. It doesn’t really matter who the game is against, they just need to play against someone. Unfortunately, today is an off day that has the Diamondbacks traveling to New York to face the Mets. This means there is no game either home or away for me to get involved with. This is very frustrating. I would like nothing better than to get the taste of losing out of my mouth. Besides the Diamondbacks being off, have of Major League Baseball has a day of rest. This does little to improve my attitude. After work, I am left to pace the floor without anything to do. As if that is not enough, Trina thinks this would be a great opportunity for me to become closer to the children. She therefore plans a night out for herself leaving me with the kids. This was a mistake she will not soon forget. Instead of wallowing around in self-pity, I decided this would be the perfect time for a little baseball of my own. Since there was a high pollution warning for today and my asthma was acting up, I decided it would be best if we played in the house. Choosing teams, it was me and Whitney against Dakota and Tiffany. The two older girls felt this was a really bad idea and spent the game suggesting we stop before things got out of hand. Of course we felt like they were just being too cautious, our game continued. By the third inning, we had managed to break Trina’s Precious Moments girl and the goose figurine and torn a lamp shade. When the picture fell off the wall and broke the glass in the frame, we decided to call the game because of darkness even though it was tied 7-7. I didn’t realize how dark it was going to be until Trina returned home. I don’t even know why she went out tonight if she is going to come home in such a bad mood. The smile on her face didn’t even last half way to first base.

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