It’s That Time of Year Again

Usually the Arizona Diamondbacks games are in the afternoon on Saturday. This means that I am up relatively early and leave for the game by 10:30 AM. Today’s game though was an evening game so I had the whole day to do whatever I pleased before leaving to go to the ballpark at 4:30 PM. I think Trina believed that I would be around to help her with the housework. I am not sure where she got that impression, I’m confident that I didn’t say anything about doing dishes or laundry. At least not consciously. Instead, I worked on the computer updating the web site and generally surfing looking for esoteric references to baseball. Before long, the mail arrived and a casually looked through the pile of envelopes to see what had arrived. Sandwiched between offers for more credit cards and Ed McMahon telling me I may already be a winner were two envelopes from the Arizona Diamondbacks. Getting mail from the Diamondbacks is usually the highlight of my day or week. Whether it be an advertisement for some upcoming monster truck rally in the off-season or information on changes to game times, I am always excited to see what the team has to say. To get two pieces of mail is even more exciting. I ripped open the first one to find a letter from Rich Dozer talking about timelines for upcoming events. It’s always great to hear from Mr. Dozer even if it is just a form letter. The letter explained that the season was winding down and that it would soon be time to order post season tickets. Post season tickets? I can’t believe it is that time of year again. It seems like only yesterday that I was going through seat selection for the 2000 season and now it is almost over. I read and re-read the letter making sure I understood all that Mr. Dozer was saying. I then went to the calendar and circled September 4 to make myself a note to send in my post season order form. The second piece of mail was from ticket sales with my invoice of what I would owe if I were to purchase play-off and World Series tickets. World Series, I cannot even imaging what it would be like to attend a World Series game. For a few moments my mind drifted off to visions of Randy Johnson facing Roger Clemens in Game 6 at Bank One Ballpark before a packed crowd. It is thoughts like this that keeps fans coming to the game of baseball. I love this time of year.

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