Playing Games with Gonzo

As I was sitting at the game on Wednesday evening, they announced that Luis Gonzalez would be signing autographs on Saturday at the MetroCenter Mall. Knowing full well that Gonzo was Mallorie’s favorite Diamondback of all time, I knew that I would be spending some time at the mall on Saturday. Well, as today arrived, I found that I not only had Mallorie but Whitney and Dakota as well. I would have had Tiffany too but she had gymnastics team practice this morning so she couldn’t go. That did not stop her from giving me items to have Luis autograph for her. Dragging three children and a bag of Diamondbacks gear, we headed to MetroCenter. As has been the case for this entire week, no trip through downtown Phoenix could be complete without at least three detours due to road construction. We weaved in and out of surface streets seeing some of the sights of Phoenix that the children don’t usually get to see. There were the usual handful of homeless people begging for money at the street corner, and I believe we witnessed a drug deal going down at one point. Of course who could forget the three prostitutes selling their wares. Ah, what an educational experience we have when we travel off the beaten path of the freeway. When we arrived at the mall, I noticed there was only a few people standing in line at The Gamekeeper waiting for autographs. What luck, we would be in and out in less than 10 minutes. As the kids and I got in line, I could hear people yelling. Curious, I turned to find 150 people letting me know that what I had thought was the end of the line, was only the beginning. The end was at the other side of the mall. Hmmm, perhaps I had miscalculated the time we would be here. Instead of 10 minutes, it was more like 120 minutes. In the end, it didn’t matter. Each of the kids had an item signed by Mr. Gonzalez. I even happened to slide in the picture of Tiffany for an autograph. Overall, it was a pretty good morning

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