This Crowd is Ugly!

After a night where the Milwaukee Brewers had taken the Diamondbacks to task, I began to notice a change in the crowd. Where there were usually fans wearing purple and teal, there were now empty seats. Granted, the Brewers are not one of the better drawing teams on the schedule. In fact, the Diamondbacks had resorted to a 2 for 1 night in hopes of bringing more people to the ballpark. This worked partially, there were a few more bodies in the stands. Unfortunately, they appeared to be Brewers fans. It is relatively easy to spot these fans from the Diamondbacks fans. First off, they talk somewhat differently as if they were a cross between Canadians and those from the Midwest. Second, they all appear to own at least one article of clothing that has green and gold on it. Most of these articles have a large green letter “G”. Third, there are more than a few of these fans who seem to believe that dairy products make appropriate head wear. More than once I ran across someone with a chunk of Swiss cheese on their heads. All of these things seem rather odd, I will grant you that, but these fans seem to become more boisterous and obnoxious with each run that their team scored. I have to admit, I rather enjoy the fans from opposing teams as they root for their team. I give them wide berth and admire their courage to come into an opposing city with their team colors on and cheer loudly for their players. Some of my fellow Diamondbacks fans were less than thrilled with the fact that the Brewers were pelting the Diamondbacks pitchers with line drives in route to another Arizona loss. They began to take the cheering of the Brewers fans quite personally and before long there were several confrontations between crowd members providing security personnel to show why they are needed at the ballpark. In the end, there were chunks of foam cheese hats and torn Diamondbacks shirts strewn about the stands as the scoreboard announced another Diamondbacks loss. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow when the Brewers attempt to sweep the Diamondbacks. Perhaps I should wear my catchers gear to the game tomorrow.

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