By seven o’clock in the morning I was already in a pretty bad mood. I had gotten probably an hour of sleep last night and that hour was broken up into several periods of a few minutes each. During the night last night, our smoke alarms decided they had behaved long enough. Starting at 1:00 AM, they began to go off approximately every 20 minutes. At first I wondered if there were a fire somewhere and quickly made the rounds to each room looking for signs of fire or smoke. The kids of course were groggy but getting dressed in case of fire. After a check of the house, I gave an all clear and everyone went back to bed. A half hour later, we repeated the process, this time with a different alarm going off. The alarms would take turns going off and on causing me to check the house each time. I attempted to change the batteries thinking that may be setting them off but that only bought me a few minutes of quiet before the process began again. After large amounts of aspirin and cotton stuffed in my ears, I was able to get a few minutes of sleep. As morning arrived, the smoke alarms continued to serenade me. After a very loud breakfast, I got dressed and went to the attic to see if I could find out what was causing this problem. It seems that the storm we received last night had caused some water to short out our central smoke alarm network creating havoc with the current causing the false alarms. I spent the day drying out wire and finding the short and replacing connections to make sure this didn’t happen again. By the time evening arrived, I was exhausted. It’s a good thing there is a game tonight so I can get some rest and relaxation. It’s to bad all I can hear is my ears ringing from the deafening sounds of smoke alarms.

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