I rushed home from work today so that I had time to grab a bite to eat and get in front of the television to watch the final game of the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers series. Randy Johnson was on the mound and I was sure that this was the night that the Diamondbacks would get out of their funk. The game began with Randy pitching well and striking out eight batters in the first five innings. It was a classic pitching match up where two warriors hung it all out as they tried to win a game for their team. By the third inning, Whitney had to get up and leave. This game was to boring she said. How she could say that I will never know. Each pitch was the difference between a win or a loss. This type of game hearkened back to the glory days of pitching dominance. Rarely in the game today do you see the pitchers actually get an upper hand over the hitters. The trouble was, as great as Randy was pitching, Darren Dreifort was pitching just as well. Each inning, these two warriors did their jobs and retired hitters with precision. On one hand, I was excited to see this type of game. It is a welcome change to the 16-15 games we have come to expect in today’s baseball environment. As the ninth inning came, the score was still 0-0 until Eric Karros hit a home run sending the Diamondbacks to their fifth straight loss. Looking over the box scores for the past week made me pale. During this 5 game losing streak the Diamondbacks had scored 12 runs which at first seems fairly close until you see that one game they lost 12-10. If we remove that score from the equation, the Diamondbacks have scored only 2 runs in 4 games. To say these guys are struggling at the plate would be an incredible understatement. I’m wondering if maybe some of these guys should be standing outside of Dodger Stadium with a sign that states, “Will work for runs.” It couldn’t hurt.

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