All We Need is a Banjo

Even though Tiffany wanted to go to school yesterday, we kept her home in order to keep an eye on her. The dentist explained that her body may be going through some shock and that we should keep an eye on her. By today though, it would have taken a train to keep her from going to school. I am not positive, but I think the reason she wanted to go to school had little to do with getting an education and more to do with finally have a killer show-and-tell item to share with her class. After all, it’s not every day that you have convertible teeth that you can take in and out. It is good that she is adapting well to this problem. The dentist told us that she would need three root canals done over the course of the next several weeks. He also stated that there was a 60 percent chance that her body would reject the teeth that were knocked out. With that news, my mind raced through what would happen should that be the case. The first thing I thought of was the movie Deliverance. Was Tiffany going to be one of those hillbillies that sat on her front porch and played the banjo while wearing overalls? That was not something I was ready to accept. She has always been such a beautiful little girl, I wasn’t ready for her to become a FLK (Funny Looking Kid) just yet. I was hoping that dentistry had progressed so that this type of thing didn’t happen. To her credit, Tiffany is following the doctors orders to the letter. I guess there is not a lot we can now do except wait and see how things progress. Hmmm, I wonder if eBay has any auctions going for straw hats, rocking chairs, and banjos?

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