Helping Jerry’s Kids

Each year, Labor Day is signified by two dissimilar events. First, it is generally regarded as the end of summer. That time where the weather starts to turn cooler and we’re given one last three-day weekend before the busy fall and winter begin with the holidays just around the corner. I have often found it strange that we have this holiday to begin with. Never having been pregnant myself and watching my wife go through it six times, I cannot for the life of me see why we would celebrate the pain a woman goes through during child birth. But who am I to argue with an extra day off to hang out and watch baseball?

The second event that this weekend is known for is the annual telethon that helps to raise money for charity. It is a time when those entertainers who we have long thought were dead, will come out of the woodwork and do their best lounge lizard impersonations in hopes that people will call and pledge money so they will quit singing. It is always interesting to see what acts they can find to work in the middle of the night while the master of ceremonies is laying on a cot backstage taking a little nap between cigerettes. I sat there watching the telethon since Robot Wars was over and there was little else on television besides a Mexican soap opera on Univision. I suddenly realized that these people were helping the wrong people. With the Arizona Diamondbacks now 5 1/2 games out of first place in the National League West and 4 games behind the New York Mets in the Wild Card race, we need to help Jerry Colangelo’s kids. These guys face a lot more desperation than some faceless child on a poster. So I am asking everyone to please call in with a pledge. One look at Matt Williams hitting statistics should be enough for someone to call in and give a few batting lessons to the Marine. How about Tony Womack, he has a sore leg and has stolen only 35 bases this season. Can’t anyone spare a few aspirin to help him work through the pain? Then theres Curt Schilling who hasn’t lasted past the fifth inning in his last two starts. Someone out there should be able to spare a strike or two to help him out. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in helping others that we ignore those who are closest to us. Please, during this holiday season don’t forget to help Jerry’s kids.

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