I Really Don’t Like Larry

The Arizona Diamondbacks started a six game two city road trip today in Atlanta Georgia. I remember looking at the schedule before the season started and thinking that perhaps this series would determine the best team in the National League and may even be a preview of the National League Championship series. After all, these two teams have the best pitching staffs in baseball. But as the season played out and the Diamondbacks struggled to score runs and their pitching staff struggled to get outs, I find myself watching this game with the hopes that the Diamondbacks can win this game and this series then pray that the San Francisco Giants fall flat in the last two weeks so that we can catch them. But there are an awful lot of ifs in that sentence and not near enough reality in this fantasy. Nonetheless, I was hopeful as I turned on the television to watch the game. About the only good thing about playing the Atlanta Braves is that they are ALWAYS on television. There is something to be said about being owned by a media conglomerate. The game was close and it almost looked like the Diamondbacks were going to pull it out. That is until Larry “Chipper” Jones took matters into his own hands and smacked Diamondbacks pitchers around like a targets in a shooting gallery. By the end of the game, the Diamondbacks had lost and to top it off the Giants had won again. I really am beginning not to like Larry very much. By the time he finished his post game interview and brag session I was mad enough that I put a curse on his dog. That ought to teach him.

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