Not Giving Up Hope

It’s funny how fickle baseball fans can be. Only last season as the Diamondbacks were on their way to a 100 win season and a National League West divisional championship, people were coming out of the woodwork claiming to be diehard Diamondbacks fans. From the looks at the local mall, the Team Shop did very well during this love affair with a winner. This year though, those people wearing their faded NL West Championship T-shirts are no where near the ballpark. Instead, they have been replaced with the dreaded invisible fan. Even with Arizona being only 5 games out of first place, many of the fans have given up on the team. “This team stinks!” seems to be their battle cry. Many are calling for Buck Showalter’s head if the Diamondbacks fail to make the play-offs. I find it interesting what a difference 13 games make. Over the course of the first 136 games of the season, if the Diamondbacks would have won 13 more games, they would be on pace to repeat their 100 win season. I can almost bet that Buck Showalter would hear none of the comments he is now faced with. Instead, we would be hearing what a genius he is and what a travesty it would be if he did not win Manager of the Year. But here we sit, only 26 games remaining and payment due for post season tickets. Several people who sit around me have claimed disgust at the prospect of having to fork out money when it is clear that Arizona will never make the play-offs. I happen to be more of a glass half full kind of guy. Given the right circumstances, I think this team will make a run before the season is out. If and when that happens, I want to be there to support the team. With that confidence in hand, I take my checkbook in hand and march into the Guest Relations office to pay for my play-off tickets. I for one will be here to support Buck and the boys. Besides, it’s either go to a ballgame or stay at home with Trina’s honey-do list. I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

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