A Curse on Jay Peyton’s Dog!

There are few constants in the universe but among them are the sun rises in the east, the days are longer in the summer than in the winter, and everybody hates the Mets. The first two axioms are questionable in my mind but the last is a given. There is something about that team that just screams for you to root for the other team. Some of this may stem from the fact that the Mets eliminated the Diamondbacks from the playoffs last season. The New York attitude is one that most people from the west just don’t understand. Maybe I would have a better appreciation of it if I were forced to live with 20 million of my closest friends in a confined area. It is not just the team that has this attitude but also the fans. Throughout the last three seasons, I have watched fans of the opposing teams come and go and for the most part it has been enjoyable to talk with them and listen to their passion about their team. All that is except the Mets. Whenever they come to town, it is inevitable that there is at least 5 fights in the stands. So when the San Francisco Giants went up against the Mets in the playoffs, I had to immediately root for the Giants even though they beat the Diamondbacks. Tonight’s game was as exciting as any I have seen this year. With the Mets leading 2-1, Edgardo Alfonzo hit a 2 run home run. It was like deja vu for all Diamondbacks fans as Alfonzo hit a grand slam last year to beat Randy Johnson in game one of the playoffs and led to the Mets winning the series. With the Mets up 4-1, I was not feeling very good about the outcome of this game and this series. Then in the bottom of the ninth, J.T. Snow hit a three-run home run to tie the game and send it into extra innings. Now the momentum had changed and I really thought the Giants would pull this one out and send the Mets one game away from extinction. Then in the tenth inning, Jay Payton came to the plate and hit a single that scored Darryl Hamilton. Just like that, the Giants fell to the Mets and the series was tied at one game a piece. I sat there stunned as the teams left the field. In shock, I could think of only one thing to do, I put a curse on Jay Payton’s dog.

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