Battle Plans are Drawn

After a game 1 collapse by the the New York Mets bullpen, today’s game was a must win for the Mets. Without it, this series would be a short and sweet ride for the Yankees to repeat as World Series champions. It was a pitching match made in heaven with Mike Hampton facing Roger Clemens in a game that was full of emotion. The tone of the game became apparent in the first inning when Mike Piazza broke his bat and the barrel traveled towards the pitcher’s mound. Clemens took offense to this some how and threw the broken bat at a running Piazza. This of course erupted into a bench clearing incident although no punches were thrown there were some heated words being bantered about. I have never seen anything quite like this episode and it almost made the game an afterthought. The Yankees played masterfully and staked claim to a 6-0 lead after the first eight innings. The Mets though were not quite through and staged a comeback in the ninth inning scoring 5 runs before Rivera struck out Kurt Abbott to end the game. It was an exciting contest and one that will undoubtedly be talked about for some time. It’s to bad that people will not be talking about the game as much as they will be talking about the bat throwing incident between Clemens and Piazza.

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