How Did We Get Here?

As much as I enjoy baseball and especially the World Series, I cannot help but be disappointed by the series so far. It is not that the baseball is bad. In fact, I cannot remember ever not watching a baseball game regardless of how much I detested the teams playing or the poor quality of baseball being displayed. After all, I suffered through several years of watching beginning girls softball as a father so I am used to the permutations that baseball can manifest. Even with all of this experience and training, I cannot help but find the World Series bitter sweet this year. On one hand, it is the World Series, the culmination of 162 games of the regular season plus a possible 12 games of post season to match the teams most resiliant. Notice I did not say the best two teams. In many cases, it comes down to who was hot at what point. Take the Mets and Yankees for instance. For much of the year, these two teams struggled and both fell completely flat during the last month of the season but because the teams behind them also struggled, they backed into the playoffs. Once they got there though, each team caught a few breaks and found themselves winning against teams that at least on paper were better than the New York teams. This spark of momentum was much like a snowball rolled from the top of a large hill. It started out small enough but with each passing game or lucky break, these two teams began to believe they deserved to be in the World Series. There is something to be said for confidence. It shall be interesting to see how these two teams fare against each other in this series. I’m just glad there is still baseball to watch.

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