New York Loses!

Emotionally I am struggling tonight. On one hand, I am depressed and melancholy as I now have to come to the realization that the 2000 baseball season is now over. Although the Diamondbacks did not make the play-offs, it was still October baseball and you would have to be insane not to find the post season exciting. I had of course predicted that the World Series would be contested between San Francisco and Seattle with the Mariners winning in 6 games. This of course displayed to everyone that is why I am writing software rather than living the life of leisure as a Las Vegas bookie. I sat and watched each playoff game and World Series game and rooted against New York at each juncture. It didn’t matter whether it was the Yankees or the Mets, as long as they lost. When it became apparent that it would be Subway series, I became more depressed. Then one day I began to think about it closer. No matter what happened, New York would lose the World Series. Now that was something to cheer for. There I found myself for five games, rooting for whichever New York team was behind to overtake New York and beat their brains out. Tonight, as Bernie Williams caught the final fly ball off the bat of Mike Piazza, I cheered. Not because the Yankees won their third straight world championship but because the New York Mets had lost. That lasting impression will have to keep me warm during the dark days of winter while I wait for spring training to start again.

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