Roger Clemens is an Idiot

Being a baseball fan, the World Series and all of the hype that goes along with it are the pinnacle of the season. Regardless of which two teams are playing, there is always some sort of drama involved in the series. This year was no exception. Besides being a subway series between the two New York teams, there is also the sub-plot of Roger Clemens versus Mike Piazza. This sub-story is based upon an incident that happened during the season when these two teams met in Interleague Play. At that time, Roger Clemens took the opportunity to hit Piazza in the head with a fastball taking him not only out of the game but also out of the All-star game. Words were exchanged and the media took off with the story. This incident is the biggest argument against the designated hitter. Since the Yankees are in the American League, Clemens never has to worry about retribution because he will never come to bat. This has played out in the World Series as well since Clemens has only pitched in Yankee stadium, never at Shea. During yesterday’s game, Piazza again came up to bat. This time, Clemens threw a strike and Piazza hit it shattering the bat. Part of the barrel went towards the pitcher’s mound. Clemens picked it up and threw it at a running Piazza. I had little respect for Roger Clemens before this incident, what respect I had is now long gone. He is nothing but a punk. I hope Major League Baseball makes an example out of him. He deserves whatever punishment he gets.

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