Scouring the Schedule

After receiving the package from the Diamondbacks yesterday, I have plenty of work to do. The first item of business of course is to check out the new pricing structure for season ticket prices in 2001. Once I have identified the maximum price point I can afford, it is off to the stadium seating chart to review which seats fit within my price range. This exercise is good for at least 4 hours as I try to remind myself what each seat location looks like at Bank One Ballpark. After exhausting my memory remembering sight lines from the stadium, I turned my attention to the most important part of this exercise, reviewing the 2001 Diamondbacks schedule. Before getting this package in the mail, I had been doing a lot of praying to the baseball Gods. There are several events coming up in my life during the upcoming year that I HAVE to attend. Well, at least that is what Trina told me. Ashley is graduating from high school next May and Trina seems to think that I need to be in attendance. I keep explaining that it is not me who is graduating and therefore I am not really required to be there but I am quickly losing that argument. So of course the first date I look for is May 24, 2001. Bingo! The Diamondbacks are out of town that day. Looks like the streak will remain alive and I will be able to attend every game next season. Trina then informed me that her parents 50th Anniversary is in August next year and we will need to make a trip to Idaho the week of August 6-10. Holding my breath, I look to the schedule. Excellent! They are out of town that week too. So far, things are looking pretty good. As long as our schedule and the Diamondbacks schedule stay synchronized, my life will be great.

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