The Neverending Game

Tonight was the first game of the 2000 World Series. Obviously, things turned out a little different than I had anticipated this season. I really had hoped that at this time I would be watching this game knowing that the Series would be coming to Arizona for game 3. I had further hoped that the Diamondbacks would be playing the Cleveland Indians for the world championship but I guess that is why they play out the season since what looks good on paper never seems to materialize. Instead of a dream match-up, we are stuck with a Subway Series between two New York teams. I can think of nothing I would like to watch less except maybe a WNBA game. The only consolation might be that the Yankees would lose thereby eliminating all of the talk we are now hearing about how this team may be the greatest team in the history of baseball. So here I sit, watching the game and the Mets are actually playing well. The have taken a 3-2 lead into the ninth inning and have brought on Armando Benitez to close out game 1 giving the Mets a 1-0 lead. After recording the first out of the ninth inning, Benitez began to fall apart giving up hits and walks until the bases were loaded. Then to top things off he allowed Chuck Knoblauch to hit a sacrifice fly to tie the game. At that point, this contest became the longest game in the history of the World Series. It was as if there were no way to end this game. Inning after inning drug on like a bad foreign film. You began to beg someone, anyone to get a run just to put us out of our misery. Finally in the bottom of the twelfth inning Jose Vizcaino hits a single off Turk Wendell to score Tino Martinez on the 396th pitch of the evening. The game lasted 4 hours 51 minutes, it just seemed like it lasted longer.

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