Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

Halloween is always one of the children’s favorite holidays. And why not, after all they get to go door-to-door begging for candy dressed like little devils or other odd characters. This year as no exception. The kids were dressed and ready to go out well before it got dark. I was able to talk Mallorie into staying home and handing out candy while Trina and I took the younger kids around the neighborhood. Dakota is relatively new at this endeavor and was not quite sure how it worked. Trina has been working with him for the past week or so teaching him how this scam worked. You dress up in a costume, go to a complete stranger’s house, knock on their door and when they answer you say trick-or-treat. At that point they will admire your cute costume and then give you candy. You then proceed to the next house and continue the process. When I got home, Dakota came to me and explained the process word for word what his mother told me. I stood there and nodded in understanding as he tried to sort things out like only a three-year-old can. When he finished, he was quite pleased with learning this new concept. I shook my head in understanding and then proceeded to explain to him that wasn’t quite right. Most of the instructions were correct until the part where you said trick-or-treat. That was not all of the saying I explained. The whole saying was trick-or-treat, smell my feet. Dakota rolled on the floor laughing. That made much more sense to a little boy than what mom told him. Armed with this new information, he quickly got ready to go. Soon he had on his Bear in the Big Blue House costume and was begging Trina to get going. She finally had everything ready and we were out the door. At first neighbor’s house, Trina took him up to the door and helped him ring the doorbell. The owner of the house came to the door and Dakota belted out TRICK-OR-TREAT, SMELL MY FEET! I am not sure who had a more shocked look on their face, the homeowner or Trina. After a quick apology, candy was given and Dakota was off. When Trina arrived back at the sidewalk where I was standing, she didn’t say a word. She merely hit me in the face with a Tootsie Roll and walked away. Maybe there are things you aren’t supposed to teach a child.

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