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I’ve Got to Get Back to Work

I have been off work nearly all week suffering from pneumonia. Given that I have to take breathing treatments numerous times per day, I have been working from home. With all of the medication, I find myself drifting in and out of consciousness. My sleep patterns have been disrupted to the point that I have difficulty setting my biological clock to coincide with day and night. All of this has been bizarre enough but I have found my thought...

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Off-Season Rumors

Word coming out of the Diamondbacks organization was that they would not be very involved this off-season with free agent signings. The team would like to reduce payroll while maintaining the core of their team intact. That is why the Mark Grace deal makes so little sense. With the Diamondbacks already having an abundance of first basemen on the roster, adding a 36 year old veteran seems questionable. It appears the Diamondbacks will part ways...

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Brace Yourselves

It has been quite a day around our house, especially for Tiffany. A few weeks ago Tiffany was involved in an accident at gymnastics where several of her teeth were knocked out. This has led to multiple dental appointments with several different dentists and specialists. Today was another day in that saga. Tiffany had to go in to be fitted for braces and a spacer. I had not anticipated having her in braces this young but the doctor felt it...

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Save Vote, New Candidates

After the fiasco that has been going on in Florida for the past three weeks, it is hard to get excited about democracy or voting. But today’s news of another upcoming election was welcomed. During the dark months of winter, there is little for the baseball fan to get excited about unless it is the endless dollars being thrown at free agents by the big market teams. That is, until this week. Around the country, ballots are being sent out...

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Ticket Relocation Blues

I returned to work after time off from the Thanksgiving holiday to find that I had a message waiting on my voice mail. I retrieved the message to find that the Arizona Diamondbacks had called last week about ticket relocation. My heart raced. Would this be the year that I would finally move from section 133 row 16 seat 13-14 to somewhere else? Would my prayers be answered and I would be sitting above the Diamondbacks dugout? The different...

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It is interesting how the Thanksgiving holiday progresses. For weeks before, everyone is excited for Thanksgiving to arrive. Each of the children make requests to their mother to include their favorite food as part of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Trina diligently listens to each of them and tries to incorporate the various requests into a single meal. The week before Thanksgiving is filled with the bustle of food preparation to try and...

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A Trip To See Santa

I had one of the dumbest ideas I have had in a long time today. After a rather restful morning, I decided we needed a little bit of excitement in our lives. The kids were restless having been around the house for a few days they were looking for a chance to get out. Ashley and Mallorie had plans and headed out the door. Tiffany, Whitney and Dakota of course wanted to do something too leaving Trina and I with a choice. We could either listen to...

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Gentlemen Start Your Credit Cards

There are times when I wonder why I do the things I do. I guess it is my way of compromising in a marriage. The day after Thanksgiving has become known as the busiest Christmas shopping day of the year. Each year, Trina drags me out of my warm bed well before the sun comes up in order to stand in line with some of the most bizarre collection of human beings ever assembled. This year, we were up before 5:00 AM so that we could be at the stores...

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I’m Thankful For…

Thanksgiving is such an interesting holiday. It is a day where we celebrate a bunch of foreigners not starving to death due to the goodness of natives who were rewarded by the foreigners taking their land and instead forcing them to live on relatively worthless parcels of land scattered throughout the country. Perhaps that is the cynical version of the holiday. I have to admit, it is one of my favorite holidays. I remember as a child having a...

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