There are certain days in a person’s life that are momentous and will be cherished their entire life. I have several of those days that hold a special place in my heart. I can remember the birth of each of my children as if they just happened. The joy I felt as I watched them take their first breath. I remember my wedding day and looking across the alter into Trina’s eyes knowing she would be my companion for time and all eternity. I have heard people say they remember the moment they heard John F. Kennedy was shot. My grandparents remind me of the time they heard World War II had ended. I remember November 18, 1997. That was the day that Major League Baseball set aside to hold the expansion draft for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Arizona Diamondbacks. I remember going to work that morning but then leaving at about 10:00 AM. George Taylor and I went down to the Phoenix Civic Plaza where they were holding the draft. Across the street was a big party to celebrate the Diamondbacks finally having players on a major league roster. I remember taking all kinds of books and magazines with me so that George and I could keep track of who was being selected and where they came from. We sat in front of a group of Japanese reporters who were there covering the draft for a Tokyo newspaper. It was interesting trying to communicate with them as they asked us question after question about the players selected. I remember sitting next to Corey Lidle not knowing who he was only to hear his name called as the Diamondbacks drafted him in the second round. It was a magical day and one I will never forget. I was at the civic plaza for 14 hours watching every draft pick, analyzing every trade after the draft. Getting to know these names that I would be watching the next season. Just for the record, I had them selecting Brian Anderson with their first pick.

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