I have been off work nearly all week suffering from pneumonia. Given that I have to take breathing treatments numerous times per day, I have been working from home. With all of the medication, I find myself drifting in and out of consciousness. My sleep patterns have been disrupted to the point that I have difficulty setting my biological clock to coincide with day and night. All of this has been bizarre enough but I have found my thought processes have also been disrupted. For example, for the past several days, I have found myself drawn to Mister Rogers Neighborhood as I followed the happenings in the neighborhood of make believe. From the moment that the red trolley makes its journey into the kingdom I have followed along. It seems King Friday has decided the Neighborhood of Make-Believe is in need of a swimming pool. The kingdom residents are very excited at the idea of having a pool so close to home. Problems have arose though after a site inspection found the ground to be a hard dig and excavation would be much more expensive than originally planned. The residents thought they would be able to dig the pool on their own thereby reducing the cost of the project but there was infighting among the commoners which led to the project nearly being scratched. Finally today, a resident from an adjacent kingdom offered to help by placing the pool between the two kingdoms, the other kingdom would cover the cost of excavation while the Kingdom of Make-Believe would cover the remaining construction costs. I was relieved that this problem had been worked out so that everyone could enjoy the pool. Trina happened to come in as I was watching and gave me a puzzled look. I explained what had happened and she had one comment, “You really need to get back to work.” Maybe she’s right. It didn’t really seem like such a beautiful day in the neighborhood anyway.

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