A Trip To See Santa

I had one of the dumbest ideas I have had in a long time today. After a rather restful morning, I decided we needed a little bit of excitement in our lives. The kids were restless having been around the house for a few days they were looking for a chance to get out. Ashley and Mallorie had plans and headed out the door. Tiffany, Whitney and Dakota of course wanted to do something too leaving Trina and I with a choice. We could either listen to them whine for several hours driving both us and them crazy or we could take them somewhere. This is where the dumb idea came in. I suggested we go to the Fiesta Mall and see Santa Claus. What in the world was I thinking? The first Saturday shopping day of the Christmas season and I just suggested that we take a 10 year-old, a six year-old and a three year-old to a crowded mall to stand in line and see Santa. The look of horror on Trina’s face told the whole story. As soon as those words had been uttered, I knew it was to late to take them back. So off to the mall we went. When we got there, it was just us and 22,000 of our closest friends wandering the hallways trying to get near Santa Claus. We were relatively lucky, the line only stretched half way down the mall. I stood there trying to corral my kids and keep them in line. While waiting, I quizzed each of them to determine what they were going to ask Santa for. Without a doubt, they each were asking for toys. I tried to explain to them that there were more important things than just toys and perhaps they should look at the bigger picture and ask Santa for something more meaningful. As we talked, they began to understand. When it was finally their turn, they took their place on Santa’s lap and whispered into his ear what they wanted for Christmas. When they were through, Santa looked bewildered but handed them a candy cane and told them that he would do what he could. As we were leaving, I asked each of them what they told Santa. Together they explained that they asked for the Diamondbacks to find a right-fielder who could hit 30 home runs and drive in 100 RBIs. They also asked for a fifth starter that could throw 200 innings a year with an ERA under 4.00. Finally, they asked for the Diamondbacks to stay healthy and bring the team batting average up to .270. I looked at each of them and had to wipe a tear from my eyes. I was so proud of them.

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