Another Day, Another Vote

Nearly a week has passed since quasi election day. We are still no closer to electing a president than we were a week ago. Declaring a winner in this election about as hard as hitting a Randy Johnson fastball. With the political deadlock in Florida, there are other votes that need to be tabulated. This is the time of year when awards are given for performances during the 2000 baseball season. Last week we saw the Rookie of the Year awards handed out for the American and National leagues. This was followed by the Manager of the Year for each league. This week is the more prestigious awards, the Cy Young and the Most Valuable Player. Today is the American League Cy Young while tomorrow is the National League. I waited for word to come out on how the vote went hoping beyond hope that this would not be another case where no clear winner could be determined because old people in Florida could not figure out which hole to punch on a ballot. Lucky for baseball fans everywhere, we had the opposite happen. Pedro Martinez was voted Cy Young winner for the second straight year. The vote was unanimous. That was somewhat surprising to me since I thought David Wells had a very good year and would garner some votes. Instead, he was relegated to third place after Oakland’s Tim Hudson. Pedro is indeed a dominating player who is deserving of the award. It will be interesting to see the result of the National League Cy Young race tomorrow. Obviously I am rooting for Randy Johnson but with the struggles he had in the second half of the season, anything is possible. If you don’t believe me, just ask someone from Florida.

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