Brace Yourselves

It has been quite a day around our house, especially for Tiffany. A few weeks ago Tiffany was involved in an accident at gymnastics where several of her teeth were knocked out. This has led to multiple dental appointments with several different dentists and specialists. Today was another day in that saga. Tiffany had to go in to be fitted for braces and a spacer. I had not anticipated having her in braces this young but the doctor felt it necessary if we are to move the teeth around that were dislodged in the accident. At first, Tiffany was less than thrilled with the thought of having braces on her teeth. After much coaxing by her sisters she has at least come to grips with the idea. It is interesting how braces have changed since I was a child. I remember seeing other children getting braces when I was a kid. Their mouth looked like some sort of metal recycling center as they had all sorts of silver metallic surfaces throughout their mouth. You definitely did not want to introduce a magnet anywhere near their vacinity for fear of what would happen. Today’s braces tend to be clear or in many cases different colors. The kids are allowed to change the colors regularly at scheduled intervals. This morning before her appointment, she was busy going through the color charts trying to decide which color of braces she should get. Trina suggested green and red to celebrate the Christmas season. Dakota suggested black and blue to match his cool bruise he had on his leg. Whitney wanted her to get pink since she was a girl. I of course suggested she get purple and teal. After all, what would be better than to show team spirit through your teeth? In the end, she decided for yellow and orange in honor of Ashley being a senior at Corona del Sol. I was disappointed that she took family over the Diamondbacks but she assured me that she would get teal and purple to celebrate opening day in April. Now I have two things to look forward to when the season begins.

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