Cy-lent Night

This is one of those days on the calendar that doesn’t really jump out at you. Hallmark doesn’t sell a card for today and none of the children have the day off from school. And yet I find myself restless and pacing the floor anxious for this afternoon to get here. It is funny how baseball can do this to a person. The season is over and the Diamondbacks have announced that not only are they not going to be bidding on any of the super-star free-agents, they are also cutting staff from the administrative side. Even with all of this news, I am still pretty upbeat today. I kept close to the computer and I have the radio and television tuned to ESPN so that I can hear when the announcement is made. You see, today is when they announce the Cy Young Award winner for the 2000 season for the National League. Randy Johnson who won the award last year is again in contention. If someone would have asked me in June if Randy would repeat as Cy Young award winner it would have been a no-brainer. He completely dominated the scene and was virtually unhittable. But the second half of the season, Randy struggled as did all of the Diamondbacks players. This means that unlike yesterday’s American League winner, today’s vote would not be unanimous. No, this would be close. Not as close as a Florida presidential election but close just the same. After lunch, I settled down in front of the computer and patiently waited for word a winner to be announced. Finally, ESPN proclaimed that Randy had indeed been awarded the Cy Young, his third overall and second consecutive. He is deserving of this award and I congratulate him on the outstanding job he did for the Diamondbacks last season.

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