Deadlines of Despair

As a child, I can remember there were some nights of the year that I found especially difficult to sleep. There was of course Christmas Eve when every kid in the world probably got 3 hours of sleep total while listening for sounds of Santa Claus delivering your presents. Then there is was the Fourth of July. What kid could be expected to sleep with the smell of gunpowder and colorful explosions going off throughout the world. You just gotta be up to see what was blowing up and what kind of damage it did. Finally, there is the night before Opening Day. How could you possibly think about sleeping when you knew full well that within 24 hours there would be baseball and your team would be tied for first. Sometimes that would be the only day of the year when your favorite team would ever be that close to the play-offs. That one day, you could talk about the magic number. Hey, 162 is a magic number. It happens to be a very LARGE magic number, but it’s still a magic number. Now I can add the night before seat relocation forms are due as a night when I get very little sleep. It’s not that I was overly excited as much as I was nervous about something happening that would cause my forms not to be received on time. Well, my worries were not unfounded. First off, we were out of stamps. Second, I decided that I should probably hand deliver the forms to make sure they arrived safely. Then I had car problems so I couldn’t go downtown. I begged Trina to take care of the forms while I was stuck at work only to find that what started as a nice day suddenly clouded up and rain poured down making travel hazardous. Trina did come through by calling down to the Diamondbacks and made arrangements to get the forms to them on time. By the end of the day, I was an emotional mess. So as I left work, I was exhausted but relieved that my forms are now in the hands of the Diamondbacks. All is again right with the world.

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